Latest Pokemon Go News and Articles

At PokemonGo.Guide we keep up with the latest news, tips and tricks.  During a SDCC conference, Niantic has stated that they only have implemented 10% of the final Pokemon Go products so expect lots of new features coming soon.  We track the Pokemon Go news as well as follow the conversations going on at the Pokemon Go subreddit.  Check back here weekly to get a summary of latest news.


Halloween Special Event

Niantic has a special Halloween event where its giving great candy bonuses from now until November 1st. You now get 4x the amount of candy with your buddy. You also get twice as many candies when you catch a Pokemon or transfer a Pokemon to Professor Willow. Pokemon Go has risen to the #1 app in the app store as players are coming back for the free candy.

Happy Halloween!





Buddy System

Niantic has confirmed that they will be implementing a buddy system to bring your favorite Pokémon along with you while you walk.  Your Pokémon buddy will earn you a candy for every 1, 2, or 3 km that you walk.  Our favorites are charmander, charmeleon, dratini, and dragonair.  These Pokémon are rare so obtaining candy can be difficult.  They also evolve into some of the most powerful Pokémon, Charizard and Dragonite,